Imperial County, CA: Map, Towns, History

Salvation Mountain by Leonard Knight.

I spent a weekend in July 2015 researching the places and histories of Imperial County, CA – and felt like I was touring the area from my armchair. Thanks to videos documenting the unusual sites of the county, and online maps, blog posts, and Wikipedia, I was able to piece together a picture of this […]

Shasta County, California – A Few of My Experiences There in the 1970’s

Lorenz Hotel, Redding, CA

I lived in one of the original mining cabins in Redding during the spring of 1976. At one time it was the only home in what is now a busy, populated neighborhood. The cabin started as one room built on a foundation of large wooden logs. The kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, added later, had concrete […]

Dunsmuir – Train Town!

Steam Train

This article about Dunsmuir, CA was originally written in 2000 not long after we visited that town, and stayed there a month. I’ve added some much more recent videos to the end of this article.

Happy in Happy Camp

American House, Happy Camp

Some people think Happy Camp is only a campground, but that is so wrong. It is a real small town in the Klamath River Valley, at the northern edge of California. Another twenty miles, and we’d be in Oregon.